Time Is Slipping Away

It's hard to teach your child about God and the Bible. You may not feel equipped, and it's difficult to compete with all the distractions.
Wouldn't you love an easier way to share your faith with your children and prepare them for the future?

Take Them on a Time-Traveling Adventure And Explore The Bible

Join Peter, Mary, and their dog Hank as they discover ancient scrolls and travel back in time to stories in the Bible. They find a world filled with wonder, adventure, and a little danger. They must search for clues to solve the secret of the scroll - or be stuck in the past forever!

This 9 book series is perfect for emerging readers ages 6-10. It is also a great read-aloud to help your family experience the Bible likenever before!

  • Experience The Bible Like Never Before

    Travel back in time and explore major events in the Bible.

  • Build Trust In God

    Meet brave believers from the past and discover how God helped them deal with difficulties.

  • Inspire Their Love For Reading

    Fast-paced adventure, courageous characters, and exciting cliff hangers will engage even the most reluctant reader.

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A Word From The Author

Hi, I'm M.J. Thomas,

I understand how hard it can be to teach the Bible to your children. Just like you, I was searching for a fun, exciting, and engaging book to help teach my son about the Bible.

Finding nothing, I put my Bible degree and creativity together and wrote The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls. I want to help you help your child explore the Bible and grow in faith!

You Can Grow Your Child's Faith

1. Read The Books
Perfect for ages 6 - 10 or a family read-aloud.

2. Discuss
Spend quality family time using the included Bible references and activity sheets (free with series purchase).

3. Grow in Faith
Watch your children's faith and trust in God grow!